Privacy Policy

Who manages this website?

Save the Planet is managed by Save the Children, Australia’s largest aid and development agency dedicated to helping children

The information below covers this specific campaign website.

You can read more about Save the Children’s Privacy Policy here.

What data is being collected and why?

  • We aim to collect as little data from you as possible. No data is collected without you knowing and understanding why. 
  • If you join the party we may collect the following details so that we can more effectively run the campaign and keep you informed about campaign updates.
    • Name
    • Federal Electorate
    • Age
    • Email
    • Self-portrait

What cookies collect data from me?

A cookie is a short snippet of code installed on websites to monitor user behaviour and collect visitor demographics.

This website has essential WordPress and Google cookies installed to assist with authentication and tracking.

What about sensitive information?

We try not to collect sensitive data such as information about your religion, ethnicity or political beliefs.

We may collect stories, case studies, or personal photos to share as a part of this campaign.

When this happens, we only do so with consent and we make it as clear as we can what we will do with this information.

How long do you keep my personal data?

The information collected by people who join the party will be stored until Save the Children end the campaign, or you request the information to be deleted.

Is the data stored securely?

The data we collect from you is passed into Wordress, the software that we use the manage this website. From there it is passed into MailChimp using an API where it stored.

Only Save the Children staff directly involved in this campaign have access to the Mailchimp account.

Although we do our best to protect your data, please remember that any data that is sent over the internet is at risk.

Is the data sent overseas?


Some of the services that we use, such as WordPress and MailChimp, keep their servers in multiple locations around the world. It is out of our control, but possible that some of your information is stored in those servers outside Australia.

Who do you share your data with?


Can I access or delete the data you have collected from me?

Absolutely! The data you provide to us remains yours. 

Just send us a short request at

When was this policy written?

April 2022. It is reviewed annually and updated as required. 

Who can I contact to learn more?You can email with any questions about this website, our privacy policy, or the information that we have collected from you.