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What is the Save the Planet?

We’re a group of young people that take the climate crisis seriously. We’re here to make sure that climate action moves in the right direction. Because we’re the future of this country, so we should get to shape what that future looks like, right?

We’re proposing 5 recommendations for politicians in Australia to adopt to make sure young people’s voices are heard. Let’s see what the power of young people can do for the planet. You in?

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We’ve got five things we want from you. Check out our platform for climate action:


Accountability: We demand our government recognises that it’s their job to care for us and that they take steps to protect us from the climate crisis.


Representation: We demand the federal government creates a Youth Ambassador for the Environment who represents us and shares our ideas in international conversations.


Inclusion: We demand our government approve the Third Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which would make sure that our rights are included and that we have access to the United Nations to stick up for those rights.


Standards: We demand governments, leaders and communities create standards for talking with us about climate change policy and legislation, to make sure we are always a part of the conversation and that we help decide when and how this happens


Empowerment: We demand the government invest in programs that allow us to participate in preparing for disasters, response, recovery and activities that make our communities stronger against climate change, so that our voices are heard and taken seriously by politicians.


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